Make humans connect in your space, so they build lifelong relationships between them and with your brand. 


A space without human connections it’s an empty space. We understand people, we study their needs and we help you create and facilitate that space for them to connect. We’re a data-driven community-building company. We build community in the most effective way, for your business and your members.

If the value proposition of your business is the community, we are here to help you. In a society where belonging is more important than ever, we need to build spaces where people connect in a meaningful way. It can be in as part of their daily life in a shop, neighbourhood, gym, dancing club, coworking space or when they go on holidays in a hotel or a hostel. 

Make them connect in your...


Improve your existing experience.

If you want us to help you improve your human experience, here we are. Let’s dive in into human-centered design to research and gain insights, let’s brainstorm the next steps and implement. We’ll be in the whole process with you.

We work with your team from the idea to the execution.

We will work hand-in-hand with your Marketing team, Architect team and Operations team. When we build a community, everything is important. From the brand, staff training, space design and so on.

Let’s go beyond my space.

I want to replicate this experience in other locations! We help you integrate that experience across your different spaces. We are also here to help you integrate your community in your neighborhoods.

Communities that grew with us...

Awarded best User Experience and Community by Coliving Awards.

One of the first Coworking spaces in the UK born in 2007 in Edinburgh and still active.

Surfing Colors

One of the most successful hotels proving  meaningful experiences for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads.

Community-driven coliving spaces in Oxford and Bicester, UK. Planning to open in Lisbon, Portugal.

Let's make people connect, together.

Who is behind the project?

My name is Jon. My life purpose is to create experiences where people connect in a meaningful way. I’ve been for more than 9 years running different communities, in the coworking and coliving industry. 

Awarded twice by the Coliving Awards. In 2021 as the best User Experience and Community, and in 2022 as the best Coliving for Digital Nomads. 

At the moment, I’m looking to grow my team, so reach out to me if you feel identified with the purpose of this brand.

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